Bylaws of Japanese Committee for Stentgraft Management

Article 1 (Name)

This committee is entitled, "Japanese Committee for Stentgraft Management (JACSM)."

Article 2 (Secretariat)

Secretariat of the committee is the Medical Tribune Inc., Instituto Italiano di Cultura, 8F 2-1-30, Kudan-Minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Article 3 (Purpose)

The purpose of the committee is to manage and uphold the practice standards for stent grafting in aortic aneurysm treatment and to contribute to the safe and effective use of the stent graft.

Article 4 (Jobs)

To achieve the purpose in the foregoing article, the committee performs the following jobs:

  1. Consolidation of practice standards for stent grafting
  2. Evaluation of the practice standards for facilities, practicing surgeons and supervising surgeons
  3. Follow-up survey, analysis and disclosure of stent grafting for aortic aneurysms
  4. Other duties required to achieve the purpose in the foregoing article

Article 5 (Members of committee)

The committee consists of representative members of the following 10 academic associations:

  1. Japanese College of Angiology
  2. Japanese Circulation Society
  3. Japanese Society of IRV (Interventional Radiology)
  4. Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery
  5. Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
  6. Japanese Society of Phlebology
  7. Japanese Society of Endovascular Intervention
  8. Japanese Association of Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics
  9. Japanese Society for Artificial Organs
  10. Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery

Article 6 (Executives)

The committee includes the following executives:

  1. Chairperson: 1 person
  2. Vice Chairperson: 1 person
  3. Auditor: 1 person
  4. General Secretary: 1 person

Article 7 (Election of Executives)

  1. Chairperson is elected by the vote of representative members.
  2. Vice Chairperson is recommended by the Chairperson from among the representative members and elected at the meeting of this committee.
  3. Auditor is recommended by the 10 member academic associations and approved at the meeting of this committee.
  4. General Secretary is recommended by the Chairperson from among the representative members and elected at the meeting of this committee.

Article 8 (Obligations of Executives)

  1. Chairperson represents the committee and takes the chair of meetings of this committee.
  2. Vice Chairperson assists the Chairperson and acts on behalf of the Chairperson when required.
  3. Auditor reviews the status of assets and job performance of members. Auditor may participate in meetings.
  4. General Secretary assists the Chairperson and manages the secretariat.

Article 9 (Term of Executives, etc.)

  1. The term of executives is 2 years and re-election is not prohibited.
  2. Chairperson may dismiss an executive by resolution of the committee even during the term of said executive if he/she has committed an action that is not suitable for an executive or if there is a special reason.

Article 10 (Remuneration for Executives)

No remuneration is paid to the executives of the committee. However, expenses required for performing the committee work may be disbursed.

Article 11 (Conference)

The conference of the committee is held by members of the committee to deliberate on the committee work. The Chairperson acts as Speaker of the conference. No resolution is passed in the conference without the attendance of 2/3 or more of the representatives. However, the representatives who have given their opinion in writing in regard to the agenda are accepted as among those present at the conference.

Article 12 (Subcommittee)

A subcommittee under the committee may be provided as required to allocate the work of the committee.

Article 13 (Accounting)

Subsidies from the 10 member academic associations, donations from stent graft manufacturers & distributors, commissions for evaluation and issuance of certificate, etc., are appropriated for the expenses of the committee.

Article 14 (Budget and Account Settlement)

The budget and account settlement of the committee is reviewed by the auditor and then approved by the relevant 10 academic associations once a year.

Article 15 (Fiscal Year)

The fiscal year of this committee starts on July 1 every year and ends on June 30 the next year.

Article 16 (Change in Rules)

The Rules cannot be changed without 1/2 or more of the votes at the conference of this committee.

Article 17 (Dissolution)

The dissolution of this committee is not possible without 3/4 or more of the votes at a conference to discuss the dissolution. The assets after dissolution are distributed to the 10 member academic associations after obtaining 3/4 or more of the votes at a conference.

Additional clause

  • Adopted: June 14, 2007.
  • Amended: November 8, 2007.
  • Further amended: July 9, 2009.